Birthday Party History - Mystique Symbols

Nowadays surprise birthday party is so common for us that we even pay no attention why we perform all these rituals such as preparing birthday cakes, presenting different gifts, wishing happy birthday and just singing special songs. All these things were significant for our predecessors, and now we just repeat them even not realizing why.

Nobody can tell what country is the origin of birthday party history. Some tells it is German, the others Rome, Egypt or France. The same thing is concerning the time of establishing of such a tradition. But still the most part of our world celebrates the kids and adult birthday party, play special games, though we live so far away from each other. Of course, our traditions differ, but still their aims are the same. Presenting something new to a guest of honor, fulfill her dream and just create a real birthday party.

In accordance with birthday party history, one of the most important goals of such festivals was the believe that all these wishes, songs and presents avert evil spirits. Special conjurations, movements during the dances, rituals (which now can be just called birthday party games) and presents. All these had to help a person to live the other year happily. Be wealthy and healthy, energetic and just enjoy her life. So, it is not very good if you let such evil spirits to capture your soul, so try to avoid bad mood in this day. Don’t you believe in all these stuff? Who cares! Traditions are not just usual things. By the way, it is only one day in a year, so why not spend it in accordance with all the recommendations and just have a good mood?

Moreover, you should notice that at the beginning only the birthdays of nobles were celebrated. So, different queens, kings, emperors were glorified on their important days and supposed to live a long life.

But what can we say about such things in birthday party history as concealing of somebody’s name and date of birthday? The priests change their names and it is considered that in such a way they start a new life. But it should be noticed thatĀ it also protects them from evil spirits, who can’t “find” them real without such an important data.

The other thing is different notable birthdays, such as 18th years birthday or 50th years birthday. Why are they considered to be so important? Of course, they symbolize a new stage in our lives and in some countries indicates the significant changes in the person’s social life such as voting, certain drug use (e.g. alcohol, tobacco), eligibility for military draft, etc. But probably there isĀ another explanation?!